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Watch the entire series on demand now!


This summer, local Nevada County stages come to the small screen with “The Summit” — a nine episode filmed anthology series of performances by Nevada County actors, singers, musicians, aerialists, and dancers. “The Summit” premieres Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 PM (Pacific Time) at and is developed and presented as a labor of love by executive producers Devin Cameron and Erin Beatie, with support from two local Nevada County arts organizations, Sierra Stages and The Aerial Lab.


Beginning Thursday, July 23 and continuing through Thursday, August 20, a new episode of “The Summit” will stream every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM (Pacific Time) at (The series may also be viewed on smart televisions by searching “The Summit Series Nevada County” on YouTube.) Each episode will be approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length and will feature a mix of songs, musical pieces, dances, aerial pieces, and text-based performances, along with an interview of a local performing arts organization or venue.  An encore presentation of each episode will stream every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM (Pacific Time) and every Sunday at 1:00 PM (Pacific Time) through August 23. Note that new episodes and encore presentations may be viewed at these times only.  No reservations or passwords are needed to view “The Summit”.  


“The Summit” is hosted by Robert Rossman, with interviews conducted by Paul Micsan. Performers include: Bren Altenbach, Richard Altenbach, Andrea Amdall, Brian Arsenault, Kit Bailey, Jay Barker, Alina Candelario, Sabrina Childress, Christi Columbo, Micah Cone, Kelsey Cox, Davia, John Deaderick, Stacey Diamond, Annette Dunklin, Michele Fitzugh Nesbit, Eva Floyd, Rebekah Freeman, Ken Getz, Ryan Goodpastor, Heidi Grass, Heather Grove, Nancy Haffey, Kate Haight, Dave Halford, Sands Hall, Ken Hardin, Shannon Harney, Lorri Holt, Elin Honea, Tina Marie Kelley, Laura LeBleu, Sue LeGate, Nancy McRay, Lois Masten, Cassandra Flores, Cosmo Merryweather, Steve Nicholson, Sara Noah, Nani Pascall, Kirsti Powell, Janet Rossman, Windu Sayles, Brett Shady, Steve Sheppard, Dawn Simmons, Alyana Stroud, Izzi Tooinsky, Paul Turner, Jerusha Victoria, Sara Visvader, Kim Wellman, and Ali Zeiter.


In developing and presenting “The Summit”, executive producers Devin Cameron and Erin Beatie have three goals: “First, we want to give local performers a safe and much-needed stage during the Covid-19 pandemic; second, we want to safely bring the stage into the homes of our local theater audiences; and third, we want to support the future of the performing arts in our community by shining a light on local organizations during this time of separation and encouraging philanthropic giving.”

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