Students chosen for this award have demonstrated to their educators a true understanding of design concepts, priorities, and time-management.  This award not only represents your past accomplishments, but also acts as a beacon to your future, for this award is only given to those we feel will go far in their area of expertise.


The Designer Award is offered to Seniors in Nevada and Placer County, California.  This award is not given on an annual basis; it can be given multiple times in one year or not at all depending on the voting panel approval.


The following is required to qualify for this award:


1) Fill out the application form


2) Email 3 examples of your work from your professional portfolio to


3) After submittal of your examples of work, a phone interview will be scheduled for you.


Applications for 2022 is due March 12, 2022

Application will be posted January 2022


Click here to view our past recipients

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