Technical Theatre

Rigging & Spec. FX

Technical Theatre Special Effects focuses on basic rigging and special effects, training student the foundation of rigging elements such as USITT safety standards, different hardware available and their uses, rope types and knows used for rigging, math (algebra, geometry, statistics) involved with trying to find allowable loads when using specific materials, man powered set automation, stage tricks and special effects.  Students additionally are taught the different opportunities available within the Theatrical Technician umbrella and are required to work productions, which allow them to experience jobs more advanced than what is offered in the Technical Theatre entry course such as management programmers, engineers, Master electrician, Properties Master, Master Carpenter, Camera Switchboard Operator, Livestreaming, and Movie Editor.


Additionally, students are required to prepare for and participate in the Performing Arts Department's production/design meetings to ensure that their requirements for the show needs and time-line expectations are being met to the expectation level of the Director and Production Manager.


Note: This class is for students interested in theatrical positions that are not design related.  If you are interested in becoming a designer, take Technical Theatre: Design instead.


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