Technical Theatre:


Technical Theatre focuses on basic stagecraft.  Teaching students in technical theatrical elements such as lighting, sound, set construction, scenic artistry, marketing, and basic tricks used in the industry to enhance a show for our audience members.  Students additionally are taught the different opportunities available within the theatrical technician umbrella and are required to work at least two productions.  Students will have the opportunity to experience jobs such as (but not limited to) Backstage Running Crew, Light Board Operator, Theatrical Electrician, Spotlight Operator, Set Builder, Sound Board Operator, Sound Engineer, Camera Operator, Usher, Box Office Staff, Quick Changer.  Additionally, students are required to participate in production and design meetings throughout the year so that they have a deeper understanding of the specific show or event requirements, time-lines/deadlines, and what would be expected of them as staff within that production/event.  Shows and events are typically take place after school.


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