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Paul D. Everts


Paul D. Everts has been teaching high school music since July 3, 1989, until December 22, 2021.  During those 30 plus years, Mr. Everts has been at several schools with each school experiencing exponential growth and success.  Mr. Everts's ensembles have performed in the Portland Rose Festival Parade, Disneyland, Carnegie Hall in New York, Symphony Hall in Chicago, and at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Bray, Ireland.  Mr. Everts will also be teaching guitar which he enjoys because there is a wide variety of students, and he gets to see tremendous growth.  


Mr. Everts' choral experience is also an important part of his career.  He has taught high school choir for fifteen years.  The highlight of those fifteen years was at York School.  The Chamber Choir & Orchestra performed the entire Vivaldi GLORIA.  Mr. Everts has also been a choral director at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Lodi and St. Timothy's Church in Monterey.  He is super excited about conducting choir.  


Since March 30, 1991, Mr. Everts has been married to Diana.  Mr. & Mrs. Everts have a son PJ who is a Lieutenant in the USNAVY.  PJ is married to Ashlee.  They have two sons:  soon-to-be four-year-old Jason and Wyatt who was born February 12, 2022.  They are all in Sasebo, Japan.  Mr. & Mrs. Everts also have a daughter, Katy.  Katy works at Loomis Physical Therapy.  She is engaged to Deven and plan to be married in October 2023.  


Mr. Everts works for Maxwell Leadership as a trainer, speaker, and coach.  Along with being part of the Maxwell Leadership team, Mr. Everts is a published author, "Conducting My Life."    

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